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  • Biblical Blue Bracelet

    Biblical Blue Bracelet

    "...they shall place a blue thread upon the corners" (Numbers 15:38). Unique bracelet features the authentic, beautiful Biblical Blue thread and is handmade in Israel. Complete with a Star of David and 2 white beads, the Biblical Blue Bracelet is a perfect one-of- a kind gift for lovers of the Bible and the Land Israel.

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  • Zion Gate Earrings

    Zion Gate Earrings

    These exquisite earrings get their name from Zion Gate, the southern gate leading into the Old City of Jerusalem. The royal blue hue of the Sodalite gemstone is reminiscent of a sunset in Jerusalem, the ancient walls aglow with a hint of royal blue. The Gemstone is encased in pure .999 silver and has been polished for extra luster and shine. These earrings are sterling sIlver.

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  • Jaffa Gate Earrings

    Jaffa Gate Earrings

    Stunning pair of silver earrings with hammered finish and lock back are reminiscent of the stone walls of the Jaffa Gate- one of the seven gates leading into the Old City of Jerusalem. The beautiful design of these earrings will give you a feeling of Jerusalem wherever you go! The earrings are sterling sIlver.

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  • Dove of Peace Brooch

    Dove of Peace Brooch

    The Dove of Peace is arguably one of the most iconic symbols from the book of Genesis. It was the sign to Noah that G-d had brought an end to the flood that destroyed the world. Today, people around the world use it to send messages of peace and blessing. This Dove of Peace Brooch has been handmade and hammered out of pure .925 silver and created by one of the finest art galleries in the land of Israel. This brooch is sterling silver.

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    Reg.: $119 Sale: $99
  • Mediterranean Blue Earrings

    Mediterranean Blue Earrings

    Pair of silver earrings features 6mm opal stones which capture the scene of the glistening Mediterranean ocean. The vibrant blue-green colored gems give you a glimpse into the distinct beauty of the Mediterranean Sea off the Western cost of Israel. These earrings are sterling sIlver

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  • Tiberias Treasure Earrings

    Tiberias Treasure Earrings

    Stunning 925 silver earrings with a beautiful turquoise stone are reminiscent of the city of Tiberias, a city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. The unique spiral design and oxidized antique-like finish make these earrings true treasures.

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    Reg.: $149 Sale: $129
  • Pearl Scroll Earrings

    Pearl Scroll Earrings

    These charming earrings feature a beautiful 8mm gray freshwater pearl surrounded by an artistic swirl of sterling silver.

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  • Joy of Galilee Earrings

    Joy of Galilee Earrings

    These bright and vibrant earrings instantly bring to mind the Galilean Spring, bursting with color and life. The Garnet and Amethyst stones combined with the silver colored pearls give a glimpse into the beautiful Galilean scene. The earrings are sterling sIlver.

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