• Joy of Galilee Ring

    Joy of Galilee Ring

    Our #1 selling item- and for good reason! This sterling silver ring has it all, character, charm, elegance and beauty. It is the perfect blend of traditional styling with a modern twist. The colored gemstones of this ring capture some of the natural elements that make the Galilee so beautiful. The Galilee is Israel's Northern Paradise - comprised of a beautiful lush landscape of mountains and hills surrounding the tranquil Sea of the Galilee. Home to one of Judaism's 4 holy cities (Tiberias), the Galilee has echoes of tradition everywhere you turn mixed with touches of modern art and creativity. The Garnet's true green color represents the lush green hills, while the Amethyst's pure purple resembles the floral art that covers the mountains. The almost "silver" colored pearls symbolize the silver clouds that dot the sky. Stones: Round Cabochon Amethyst Round Cabochon Green Aventurine Round White Fresh Water Pearls

  • Doves of Peace Ring

    Doves of Peace Ring

    This ring is made of pure .999 sterling silver and is hand hammered to perfection. It features two doves facing each other in a clean-cut tranquil design. This ring is sterling silver.

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  • Opal

    Mediterranean Opal Ring

    Silver designer ring set with 3 opal colored stones gives you a glimpse into the distinct beauty of the Mediterranean Sea off the Western cost of Israel. The magnificent blue-green swirled stones capture the scene of the glistening Mediterranean ocean. This ring is sterling sIlver

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  • Good Fortune Ring

    Good Fortune Ring

    Made from sterling silver, this ring is encircled with the Hebrew words "אושר, מזל, שמחה, אהבה" meaning "love, joy, fortune, and happiness." Wear this ring and you will no doubt bring good fortune to you and those around you!

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  • Holy Hadas Ring

    Holy Hadas Ring

    This wide-banded ring with oxidized finish features the branches of the Hadas plant, one of the four species we use to wave on the holiday of Sukkot. The Hadas plant has a good smell, symbolizing those who possess good deeds.

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  • Israel Flora Ring

    Israel Flora Ring

    Gorgeous Flora Ring is reminiscent of the beautiful plants and flowers growing in the Land of Israel. Made from sterling silver with an oxidized finish, this ring is a true beauty!

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  • Royal Rimon Ring

    Royal Rimon Ring

    This stunning ring is designed with pomegranates circling the band. With an antique look and hammered finish, this sterling silver ring is exceptionally beautiful!

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  • Tiberias Treasure Ring-  Turquoise

    Tiberias Treasure Ring

    Beautiful ring features a stunning oval-shaped stone in the center, decorated with the Star of David on the sides. The turquoise stone is reminiscent of the city of Tiberias, a city located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. You will surely 'treasure' this sterling silver ring forever!

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  • Star of Israel Ring

    Star of Israel Ring

    This ring features a unique contemporary design with rounded silver Star of David. It is fashioned from 925 sterling silver with a hammered and oxidized finish. The modern twist on the ancient symbol of the Star of David makes this ring a one-of-a-kind!

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